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Holakracja w Polskiej organizacji – część 1

Dokładnie miesiąc temu rozpoczęliśmy pierwszą w Polsce transformację w oparciu o Holakrację!

Dość ekscytujący krok dla naszej rodzimej sceny biznesowej 🙂 Jest wciąż bardzo wcześnie, zdecydowanie za wcześnie aby mówić o jakichkolwiek znaczących rezultatach. Niemniej, nie za wcześnie aby zacząć się dzielić pewnymi zdarzeniami i refleksjami. Oto i one!

Gabriela Krupa (@KrupaGabriela) | Twitter Google Chrome, Today at 20.13.47

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“Holacracy has brought us accountability, entrepreneurship, and faster evolution.”

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Mark Vletter, founder of Voys and Devhouse Spindle, has always believed in self-organization in the workplace. He envisioned a system that would create an environment of equality and fairness for his colleagues. Voys, Spindle’s ‘big brother’, used a no-management paradigm (the Voys-model) for several years before Holacracy was introduced. The team was clear about the path to follow — believing in each person on the team, giving people freedom within their roles and letting them fuel the development of the best telecom provider in the market.

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About the continuous evolution of her team, lowered stress factors, and more Holacracy-related topics.


Today we’d like to share with you the story of a woman who really appreciates owning her work and advancing her work in her own way. Debbie van Veen is a member of the Springest team and along with her colleagues she is working on developing “the Amazon of Learning”. Despite being only in her twenties, Debbie has already experienced both a traditional, hierarchical company structure and a self-organizing counterpart. She shares her insights with us about being part of both environments.

Debbievanveen (1)

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